Anna Beard

Downtown Kitchener

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"In total, I have 6 tattoos but this geometric one of my dog is my most recent. Oliver was a rescue that we adopted two years ago. He has been a difficult animal to work with but he’s incredibly loving. He’s taken my whole heart and I wanted to add him to my "pack of ink" to take him whenever I go.

For the first six months we had Ollie, he would jump up and latch on to my arms. They were constantly black and blue.  Now we live pretty harmoniously and, instead of bruises, I have the tattoo on my arm.  Of course, we still have our days – when I’m frustrated, the tattoo a reminder of how far we’ve come."


Books for Tats

Humanity appears to have a long history of being enamored by our furry, feathered, and scaled friends. Award-winning essayist illuminates the biographies of some of the more famous creatures, and in turn reveals new insights into human history, thought, and behaviour.

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