Downtown Kitchener

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"My very first tattoo. The beginning of reinventing myself. The year I turned 30 was a tumultuous one, to say in the least, but also a great one. I always wanted a tattoo, but never knew what to get and was determined to get one my 30th year of life. I had seen a cool tattoo of the F stop scale (different aperture settings on a lens) based on a 50mm lens in full stops. Inspired, my partner and I designed a series of to-scale circles representing the F-stop scale of a 50-mm lens in full stops. 

In addition, I now have a giant tree running down my right side, and three more tattoos booked.  This canvas of mine, is a work in progress."


Books for Tats

Looking for photography inspiration? Since 2013, photographer Mihaela Noroc has traveled the world with her backpack and camera taking photos of everyday women to showcase the diversity of beauty all around us. 

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The Atlas of Beauty

by Mihaela Noroc