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"I chose a dandelion for this tattoo for a number of reasons.  I suffer from a variety of mental health conditions and my dandelion  tattoo is part of a relaxing visualization technique for me.  When I'm feeling anxious, the quote "she took a deep breath and let it go" reminds me to breathe and let go of tension and unwanted thoughts. I imagine blowing gentle puffs of air, like making a wish on a dandelion, to regulate my breathing.

Dandelions, being a weed, are known for their persistence. The dandelion reminds me that I can weather whatever comes my way, and still bloom strong and bright."


Books for Tats

Looking for advice on surviving the waves of joy and sorrow that is the human experience? This heartening collection offers solace, wisdom, and connection. Also, Oprah. 

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O's Little book of calm and comfort

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