Mill-Courtland, Kitchener

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"This is my first tattoo and it moralizes two people who were very dear to me.  My Mom passed away from cancer when I was 10 year old. Since then, I always knew I wanted a tattoo but I spent years going back and forth over what to get. She loved the song "More Than Words" by Extreme, and had always loved dragonflies, so I imagined a design that would incorporate both of these ideas. Then, my Grandfather passed away when I was 27. He was my rock and was always there for me no matter what, so I knew I had to incorporate him into the tattoo somehow. After many long hours of discussion with my Fiance, he designed this for me. It's on my left shoulder blade, so I know they're both always on my shoulder, watching over me."


Books for Tats

A collection of imagery that deftly captures the ethereal and graceful beauty of the beloved dragonfly. 

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Peter Van Dokkum