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"The story of my first tattoo is also the story of my first acoustic guitar.

My dad is always browsing through garage sales on Saturday mornings. On one such morning, he found an old, beat-up acoustic guitar and took it home for $3. After $20 worth of repairs, he was able to restore it to playable. As a final touch before he gave it to me, he asked my grandmother to paint the word "grace" on the head stock.

That guitar needed some love. A love, that in turn, sprouted my own love for playing guitar. I can feel the love that was poured into the restoration of that guitar every time I play a song.

When I turned eighteen, I adapted my grandmothers artwork into a tattoo.  My tattoo signifies that we grow from grace and reminds me that even the most broken things can be restored into something beautiful."


Books for Tats

Sometimes both people and things need a little tender loving care in order to grow into their true potential. 

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