Vanessa K


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"This is my 7th tattoo. The line "People throw rocks at things that shine"  comes from the song "Ours" by my favourite singer, Taylor Swift. It is the song my husband proposed to me with.

These words have been very empowering and have helped me understand what has happened to me.  I've been judged, and bullied, and picked on my whole life. A lot of the times, it was for no apparent reason, people just didn't like me.

For me, this song is about how people will try to break you because you're unique. People will judge you because you stand out. People will be mean to you for not being the same as they are. Shiny things sparkle and stand out. Shiny things are different. Shiny things attract attention. People don't like things that are different, things that stand out, or go against the norm. So people throw rocks and try to break them." 


Books for Tats

Alex meets and befriends his childhood bully Trevor, who now runs a motorcycle club with regular fight nights. This memoir peers into the nature of memory, masculinity, and violence.  

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Bullies: A Friendship

Alex Abramovicht