Andrea Hawkins

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by Ellie Anglin

by Ellie Anglin


Andrea Hawkins had 1 tattoo by Dustin Barnhardt of Berlin Tattoos when we met in 2014. It was of a hawk on her foot, done in the American Traditional tattoo style, characteristic of the work Dustin and the rest of his shop mates. 

Four years later, we're married with a cat named Chico and Andrea has 18 tattoos by Dustin (32 in total). We are art collectors and our apartment walls are covered with vintage folk art that we've found at Thrift Stores together, so it is only fitting that Andea's skin has become a sort of gallery displaying the art work she's collected. I've accompanied her to many tattoo appointments and marvelled at the framed flash sheets that cover the walls of Berlin. Barnhardt, as well as Colin Higgins, Ben Ryan, Ben Fields, Dylan Derry and Cam Davis, are painters and illustrators in the more traditional sense, in addition to being tattoo artists, and they are very devoted to their craft and elevating the art form of tattooing, American traditional style, and flash sheets. 

On Andrea’s right arm, featured above, one can see eyes - an homage to her oldest niece who is visually impaired - a wolf, a glamour lady holding a cat with markings similar to Chico’s, and a tomato with a dagger going through it. 

Decorative daggers are a common image found in traditional tattooing and often take on a vaguely threatening aspect as they are seen stabbing through hearts, skulls, flowers, or enwrapped by a snake. Andrea’s choice of a tomato is a reference to her long-term vegetarianism, as well as a deliberate softening of the traditional form."


Books for Tats

Spice up your cooking repertoire for the vegetarians in your life.  

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Good Veg

by Alice Hart