Cara W.

Downtown Kitchener

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"Let me preface this with the fact that I have over 30 tattoos and only three that mean something more than 'this is pretty, this is me, and I want it.'

'Bad Decisions' as a tattoo seems like, well, a bad decision in itself, especially accompanied by a pint glass. But to me it's more than that — it will always be more than that. "Bad decisions" was a cheers after a drink, and a promise to a friend to live one day at a time and every day to its fullest, to make the most of everything. But it's also a reminder, to me, that you're still responsible for your actions. Bad decisions can lead you down a dark, terrible path that you can't come back from. It's a memorial tattoo and it's for a friend that went too far, that left us all reeling in the aftermath of something horrible. It's a constant reminder, and I will never forget.


Books for Tats

This new Canadian author gives us an unforgettable peek into life of ordinary young folks making good and bad decisions, but ultimately marching forward, through complicated and unusual circumstances against the backdrop of Newfoundland's crumbling oil economy.

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Barrelling Forward

by Eva Crocker