Kevin Kingsley


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"What will happen to my tattoos?" This was the question on my mind when, in 2014, I made a decision to save my life and have a drastic weight loss surgery.

For years, I battled food addiction. At my heaviest, I once tipped the scale over 400lbs - and I'm not that tall (laughing). In 2015, I had the gastric bypass surgery and went from 367 lbs to the 165 lbs I am today. There is a whole other story on why and how I got to be such a big man, but I am proud to have been able to make that "big" decision.

I am happy to say that my tattoos held up throughout the weight loss process. On my chest I have an American eagle, a thanking tribute to our American friends to the south. I also have my family crest on one side of my chest and a tribute tattoo to people close to me on the other. I have a few sleeves and everyone has the same reaction: they comment on how nice the colours are and then ask what it says. It reads "Honesty and Loyalty," I got it because it was my mom's advice when I asked her about getting married. She told me to always be honest and loyal to your partner. To me, ink is history and story — and now it is time for more tattoo work. I hoping to connect my shoulder and sleaves sometime soon. 


Books for Tats

Dive into this inspiring true story of overcoming great obstacles in which a kid with Tourette's finds salvation in books and weight-lifting. 

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The World's Strongest librarian

by Josh Hanagarne