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by Meg Harder

by Meg Harder


Brad has images from the classic children's picture book, Where the Wild Things Are, tattoed on his upper arm. "I really like the art from that story," Brad explained. He showed his tattoo to me during a trip to the Kitchener Public Library with his son, Aiden, whose name can be seen inscribed in the side of the ship. 

Where The Wild Things Are has a special place in many people's hearts, but for Brad and Aiden, it carries shared meaning. When Aiden was born, his father was living out of town for work. In those early days of Aiden's life, Brad could not be there with him, so instead he would read this book over the phone to him.


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Kids are a good excuse to re-read your childhood favourites, but every adult can enjoy going for a walk down memory lane with Bruce Handy as he entertainingly explores masterpieces of children's liturature.

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Wild Things

by Bruce Handy