Downtown Kitchener


"My sleeve is a piece done by Cory Ferguson, who runs his shop out of Oakville Ontario. When I was eighteen I started working on weekends for Cory at his first shop called "Enlightened Art" on Lake shore boulevard. Cory said to me one day, "save one of you're limbs for me" and I said, "okay lets do it!" I knew what theme of tattoo I wanted and so I let Cory draw it on with a marker, free style. I loved what he did so I said "do it!!" My sleeve was started when I was 19 and, between working, saving up, 28 hours of tattooing, and healing between sessions, it was finished by the time I was 20 years old. I remember looking down at my arm and thinking, "wow...they are there forever!"

Cory had a sign up in his shop for years—it read "good tattoos aren't cheap, and cheap tattoos aren't good." I am so glad I went to such an amazing artist to get it done. My sleeve is now 13 years old and still looks sharp. It's very important to go to a good artist when you are tattooed. It makes all the difference in the long run."


Books for Tats

Do you have an eye for design? The Complete Record Cover Collection is a must-have for any lover of graphics. 

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The complete record cover collection

by R. Crumb