Kevin Kaminska

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“The Boy With The Girl Tattoo”

My ink, I am happy to admit, came to fruition after years of consideration, narrowed down after weeks and days of mulling over the final design. The finished work came to be in late August of 2005.

Daring, I wanted something that was abstract, artistic and represented a vulnerability I embody as well as one I thought I could protect. Plus, something that would creep above low collared shirts.

With this design, amassed from several photographs – found online and in art books – I possessed an icon that could be my lookout. In the immediate time I had something to envy if I was somebody else. In the end, I need to remind myself she's still there.


Books for Tats


Award-winning artist Grayson Perry explores what it means to be a man in the 21st Century, and what men can gain by embracing a new definition of masculinity

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Grayson Perry