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This one is probably the silliest of my tattoos, but always makes me smile.

It's from a line in a blog post from “Abbie the Cat Has a Posse”, which is “written” by a now-deceased cat who was a terrible speller but remarkably articulate and philosophical.

most boats when they go out they have a Map and a PLan we are going to sail here bring cargo there have a vacation here get into a Big War with otherb oats over there cats well they dont care too much for that kind of thing that s why you havent ever seen a cat sail a boat cause they are saiilng some place where there arent boats with maps and plans off thye go and they say see you when I get back maybe there will be PInapples

It’s a reminder that this world is much too big and surprising to ever know or really plan for. So just dive in (or sail off).

And maybe there will be pineapples.


Books for Tats


Cats like Abbie write poems. Poets like Bukowski write about cats. Check out his “mew-sings” at the KPL.

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On Cats

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