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As an introvert, I tend to be the quiet one in the room. But as a creative soul, I've always felt a need to express myself, but I didn't always know how. When I turned 18, I started expressing myself through tattoos. A couple of years and many tattoos later, I started to dabble in doing my own tattoos. I discovered this whole new way of discovering who I am and my beliefs, and a way to share that creatively.

I have an ellipsis on my index finger, which is a reminder for myself to take time and pause. The saying "life is short" is painfully true, but life is also the longest thing we have. It's all about finding the balance between living your best life and taking time to appreciate the journey.

I also put the initials "JR" on my middle finger, for the Man in Black. Johnny Cash (born JR Cash) has been an inspiration to me both musically and in life. I wanted to be able to see this tattoo when I'm playing guitar or piano, and remind myself that sometimes you need to go against the grain to stay true to yourself.


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