Sam Trieu

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by Megan Nourse

by Megan Nourse


When Sam Trieu looks down at the jackelope tattoo on her arm, she is transported to Chicago, where she first got inked in early 2016. 

“It all kind of flows back. The smells, the conversations, and the feelings too,” she said, referring to the hours she spent at Stained in Pain Tattoos with artist Kelsey Moore. While planning her Chicago trip, Sam knew she wanted a permanent souvenir to bring back to KW. While combing through Chicago tourism websites and blogs, she kept an eye out for a tattoo artist that might fit her vibe. 

“It’s funny, you don’t just choose your tattoo, you choose the person who does it, because it’s such an intimate moment, You’re telling their story as well,” she said. Spending multiple hours with an artist piercing your flesh with ink can be an uncomfortable and intimate experience, so for Sam, finding an artist she might having something in common with was pretty important. 

The tattoo in question is a black jackalope head with deer antlers, within a geometric diamond shape made of thin, clean lines. Various herbs frame the bottom of the design.

Tattoos are more than art for Sam. They are your story, written on your body to be carried around always. “It’s symbolic to me . . . and it tells a narrative to me at a specific point in time.”


Books for Tats


Inspired by true events, the female lead in the this story also travels to to Chicago for 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, but her real goal is to find a publisher who will help her change the world.

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