Brianne Osolnik


Eventually I hope to add more stories to my body but for now this is the only one I've got. The tattoo is of the logo for a video game called Warframe. But for me it is much more than just a logo, I have met amazing people and made the best friends anyone could ask for because of this game. While we all don't always see eye to eye we are there to support each other when it's important. I honestly don't even want to think about where I would be if I had never met any of them. Having battled depression for so long on my own being able to find people who support you no matter what was an absolute miracle for me. While the battle against depression continues for me - and it might never end - thanks to all of them, it has certainly become a much easier battle to fight. There are many of us in the community who battle against illness in some form or another, whether physical or mental, and I believe we wanted a place where we could forget them or find support when we needed it and we were able to find and create that in a game filled with love from the moment it was created. Even if we get burnt out we still end up coming back to this game. If it ever stops existing the memories and relationships born from it will never disappear and for that and all the amazing things that have been achieved by the community unity from this amazing game I will always be grateful.


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